Dmytro Pershko

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Car enthusiast . Love driving, racing, drawing cars Starting a company ROADDEFINED




20th April 2016

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15 year old car enthusiast and youtuber dream car: Nissan 180sx or mazda rx7 fd android gamer and fan of car photography i have an YouTube channel: Danlandia

Tomáš Klečka

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19 years old, since childhood dreaming about becoming an automotive designer. Have huge love for super cars.

Yomiko Onkerz

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I am friends with t ɯ | n g ø. We both talk about stupid riced vans. I like to annoy t ɯ | n g ø about siennas and other stupid slow vans.


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I like all kinds of cars, as of now BMW is the brand.


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Talks and thinks all day in cars. 🚗🚙🚐 1999 Mercedes E320 as daily 1952 Oldsmobile Super 88 for fun

McLaren.Fan🅱️oi (675lt💪)

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Like cars, pretty much... I love all McLarens especially the 675lt. I also love r32s, the jag xkr-s, murcielagos and the deranged mustang. (Might hate the M4 a little bit😡)

Interfierce Racing 717

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I am a Ford Enthusiast but carry respect for everyone who love's cars, to me you don't have to love Ford to be my friend you just have to love cars and be respectful to others


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Your typical Asian nerd whose parents think grades are all that matter who thought computers and comics weren't an expensive enough hobby and ended up here.

Mateusz Warzocha

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Car enthusiast who's enjoying drawing cars, playing racing games and playing guitar.


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Just a young enthusiast with bug dreans and a small budget!


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Chinwendu Imegwu(hellcat boi)(v8 m8) (#keep the rotarys)(black boi)(viper)#v10 life

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a car guy with a passion for cars I have to many cars I ❤❤❤❤❤dodge

James Smith

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Mk3.5 Focus ST. Love cars new and old. Photographer.

Naruto Uzumaki

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Shane Sharma. Love all cars, but mostly JDM and Euro cars.

The Stig's Redneck Cousin

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The Turtle SW1. everybody knows stickers add horsepower.


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Part time high schooler, full time car enthusiast and owner of a 2004 BMW 330i ZHP

Marco Nóbrega

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My name is Marco,16, i live in Portugal, but i was born in germany :P, love bmws mainly because my dad has 13 of them and the red one in the photo is one of them :D


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Aspiring Automotive Journalist. Member since '16

Bedaf fotography

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I go to carshows and post photos

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