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13 year old Norwegian petrolhead. 18 year old wannabe. besides Cars i also like skiing,cycling and PARKOUR! Alfa Romeo giulia QV is dream.




31st December 2015

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Hello CTzens, I'm just an 19 years old teen with no cars but that doesn't stop my automotive passion along with other interests such as Video Games, electronics and engineering. 🔰

Humberto Roca

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Car Collector and Enthusiast Instagram: apexgt3


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2014 Avo turbocharged Scion FR-S

Poderra Automotive

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We aren't dead surprisingly. Think it's time for some major changes in what we do. Also, we're a company that specializes in track cars.


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British Twitch streamer, Youtuber and Pretend Racing Driver


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Hi! I'm Paul, a 25 year old automotive vlogger and creator of SupercarsofLondon! I love the adventure, the travelling, and most importantly...the smell of fuel!

Christian Olsen

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petrolhead from norway. you can't make everyone happy you are not a turbo

Alex Helmsgård

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Kasper Andreas Nesland

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I'm 14 yrs old and love anything on wheels. car spotter and like to draw cars all pictures are mine

Oui hon hon

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Anrich Le Grange

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282hp (210kw 380nm) South African Limited edition Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV Squadra Corse nr11/100

Tobias Myklebust

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17 years old, true viking. Ktm exc 125 2012


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iCypher(Joel Chan)

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CT's resident young-semi-amateur at Blogging. Has the dream of being an Automotive Journalist, not least thanks to Chris Harris...Famously disorganized, can be a procrastinator at times.

Aba Dibi

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The most offensive CT user on the planet, now go f*ck your mom.

Arne 🔰

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Miata is life

Steve Buscemi

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Adam 'Spanners' Scholz

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RC is love RC is life

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