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dream car: toyota ep81 starlet




1st March 2016

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https://pastebin.com/dl/rEe6fjKC That, alongside Flux's video is why I'm not active here anymore. I miss old times.

Kattie Wilks

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I am a fan boy who posts stolen images from Google, and other stuff. I have no talent, but give me upvotes anyway.

Mart den Otter

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a young petrolhead, who likes retro jdm cars the most.

RC freak

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ThisGuyLikesCars (Miata Squad)

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One of the youngest CTZens here. I'm 11, I like Miatas, my favorite food is burgers. Yes.


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Just a random car kid from the Netherlands I prefer American cars I'm just waiting to turn 18 so I can get my drivers license and Get my first car My dream car is a 5th gen camaro


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i am a car spotter from the netherlands

Andrew Dutton

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Instagram @AsphaltDrive <<< "If in doubt flat out" >>>

Gio Giannangelo

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Johnathon Steel

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Petrol head. Also enjoy drawinng cars and do speed art videos on my YouTube channel called SwiftArt: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdDlB8srfUJ1NP2z6mla3Jg

Lewis Potts

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BMW OfficialPage

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Frost Restoration

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The Specialist of High Quality Automotive Tools and Equipment for any Petrolhead!

Frie Roest

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Rear wheel drive is everything.

Maiko Lelieveld

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Hey there, I'm a 17 year old guy from the Netherlands. I have my own car since I was 15. it's a Mazda 323F GLS hatchback from 1999. I love old cars!


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Y Atsuki

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japanese high school student (SAMURAI student!!!) I'm leaning to speak English fluently. So I'm sorry about poverty of English.

Florian Kors

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