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11th July 2016

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Kai Verspeek

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Amateur Photographer

Velislav Tomov

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I am still learning at school. I love fast cars, big-chested girls, video games, books, photography, anime and trance music.I'm an atheist and realist. My dream car is an R34 Z-Tune GTR.


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-Racing costs exactly the same as it did 15 years takes every penny you have.

Vehicle Virgins

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Whether you are wondering what its like to drive an exotic, looking for your first car, or are as obsessed with automobiles as we are, Vehicle Virgins is the place to be.


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👻: kevvedajsel


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Euros/JDMs are life. Certified IB Survivor. Make GIFS/Memes about my #carguyproblems. History buff. Studying Mass Com. whilst living the dream car life at Hawaii Pacific U. I lift.

ALFAguy (†|ξ) Oo=v= oO 🍀

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Petrolhead, rally fan. Favorite cars (1) Lancia 037 (2) Alfa Romeo Montreal (3) Alfa Romeo SZ Favorite motorcycles (1) Mv Agusta F4 (2) Bimota Vdue (3) Ducati 888

Martin Burns

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2005 Ford Mustang GT, 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT Sport, 2001 Lexus LS 430


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Ricemaster Pleb. I rice cars in games on de interwebs.

Daniel Busker

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do to your car what you want, you're not building it for aproval. you're building it for yourself.

Ben Anderson

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Software Engineer

Bruno Ban

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Nothing kicked in yo! I don't have a car yet


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Steve Buscemi

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Allen Garcia

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I'm 17 BMW Enthusiast current car E36 318ti Dream car is an E46 M3 coupe 6 speed OO=[][]=OO #BMWLIFE

Japanese Car Guy

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(I'm not japanese). So, I'm a car enthusiast since I'm a kid. I LOVE JDM but Muscle and EDM too. My dream cars : All GT-R Gen's, Evo IX, S2K, Supra MK4, 240SX. Affordable cars: EK9 and WRX.

Kyle Greschak

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Ivan Gregor

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Steve the car guy

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