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i am a car fan since i am very young. desperately trying to find other car fans no matter which age. started been a petrol head because of herbie. fan of everything that has 4 wheels and an engine.




7th September 2015

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Mr. Drift [🇮🇱]

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I draw cars. enjoy. :-\


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keep calm and burnout

Daniel Corja

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My Favourite Car Is The E34 :) A big Fan of F1 AUDI Bmw Mercedes And hate the French Car industry Born in Moldova Live in Israel :)

The Quirky Richard

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Aka "R i c h a r d" on Discord. Italian guy, lover of European youngtimers. Pretty much inactive here on CT.


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Favorite cars Audi A1 clubsport quattro and Ford Shelby Cobra 427


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Everyday Driver

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We make Cinematic Reviews of Great Affordable Cars... and some Exotics. Through our videos, films, and podcast "The Car Debate" we want to help everyone find a car they will really love.


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Carbuyer provides car reviews, comparisons, car buying guides and more - helping you decide which car to buy.


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moose gang

Israel Amescua

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Ëli Sheffer

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Just the average car guy, trying to make it through the quarter mile.

Greg De La Torre

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Co-host of the YouTube channel StillPrettyStock, College student, lover of all things automotive. Check out our Instagram: @stillprettystock

Max Caplan

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I'm that guy who makes lots of MLP related posts, they go as well as you would expect. At least I'm not complaining about high school.

King Kaw

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A car guy that loves mostly all types of car culture! From off-roaders to stance to V8 monsters and EVs. Also into alot of things like street wear, shoes, and other things closely related things.

Alex clarkson

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i'm car general technican at peugeot citroen and in my past i had a few cool cars it's starts from 1989 peugeot 205 rallye and than modifid 1989 lancia thema turbo  16v than subaru 2002


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Vsevolod D

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It's not my car behind the avatar. Borned and grew up in Russia. Owned car just ones: cheap and awesome MMC Lancer 1999 1.5 for 5 years. Hungry for petrol from the day I moved to Israel.

Adam Ghądbân

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