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3rd October 2015

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tanner said lol can we shoot him

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mac is pregnant instead


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Being real here cars are still pretty cool but honestly, after the 2 years I’ve been here my interests have drastically changed.

Barkis (Prelude Squad)

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I like Preludes, and also muscle cars. Thats about it


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I'm back nerds! still have my German tank affliction. I still play horizon a lot. Gamertag: SHUTTMAN41902

Kevin Maxwell

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Irish car enthusiast. I love anything Japanese or European.

Joseph Le Corre

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Huge Motorsport and McLaren fan, man of much procrastination and occasional builder of LEGO. Also a Racing Game fanatic...

HN elite

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I like anything with an engine and wheels.

Benicio Diaz

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All-around car guy

Peter Petrov

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Goran Jović (Supra Squad) (Initial D Squad) (Eurobeat Squad) (Rally Squad)

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19 year old carguy from Bosnia. I love JDM and Supra is my city.

XDev(Subaru Squad)(Mustang squad)

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Nothing to say here.

David Lukič

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No muscles, no life no Japanese classics, no life🚗🔥󾓦󾓥

Ferdous Santo

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Anime, Cars I love them all! 14 Years going and you can call me Ali... "You know who I am and you still want to challenge me?" - Roy Mustang

matthias 🅱️oden (inline skating squad)(giraffe fan)

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14 yrs old, I have autism, I'm from belgium. i like both jdm and muscle. also a fan of lorry's. i absolutely hate electric cars. my favourite car is a ford mustang, any generation.

James Smith

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Mk3.5 Focus ST. Love cars new and old. Photographer.

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