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Canadialand! 914 squad. MK2 Jettas are cool. "If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then we call it a 914."




26th July 2016

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Humble Mechanic

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Master certified VW tech, been fixing VWs for 11 years. I also do a show talking about failed VW parts, tool reviews and the automotive industry from a tech's point of view.

Elvinas (Guy in GTI)

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You guys are petrolheads, but I'm Five-Cylinderhead :)


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Ben Stegmann

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2010 A4 B8 | 235HP #audiclub


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18 y/o|Dutch|Car guy|F1 fan|Audi RS5|


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Just your average guy that has a thing for cars! Host of the relatively awesome YouTube channel: Gingium

Project Cabby (VW Squad) (Custom Hotwheels Squad)(#CTthegame)

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just a 16 yr old car guy with a $500 vw and a passion for cars! I do custom hotwheels, rc's models, and anything to do with cars.

dub man

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Follow my YouTube g60rahul I post vw car show videos

John Milam

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I own a stock Chevy C10

Poderra Automotive

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We aren't dead surprisingly. Think it's time for some major changes in what we do. Also, we're a company that specializes in track cars.


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Paul Blart, Mall Cop


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Mr. Odd-ish

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Mopar man at heart. Have a knack for all things weird, abnormal, and outdated. Probably dangerous too.


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We've been operating our Dream Car competition for 18 years. Now running a competition once a week -- with a guaranteed winner. You can win your dream car for as little 85p!

Mark Johnson

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I like cars. I'm probably the biggest car nut at my school. Dream cars are: Honda S2000, E46 M3, R34 GT-R and the R32 GT-R

Falken Tyre

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Official Car Throttle account of Falken Tyre


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Y u do dis


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Hiatus A Guy who likes Initial D so much that he makes video of them.


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