Sinjin Smythe

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Clutch kicker.Tea Drinker.Dog owner.Bud smoker. It's like RC says: "Touch clutch and be Up."


Chi City


22nd September 2017

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Anthony Zambrano

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I’ve loved cars all my life I love FD Rx-7’s and muscle cars


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inactive .

Dante Verna

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I’m a 17 year old automotive artist and a fan of all odd cars and engines.

spirit walker

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Forza team and rimac🔰(Mclaren squad leader and Rimac Squad leader)(#saveCT)(#RimacC2Team)(#Mustanglover02)

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it's the way to succeed by a car guy experience and being an expert also

Qian Li

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I have a rare disease called Type 2 MRitis, enough said...

Lars Madsen

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100% car nerd :D


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Rúben Ribeiro, 22y, Portuguese


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jdm,drift,14 yrs old

The Rat

246 points 1k likes and I will throw my phone


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I love cars my love for cars started about 6 years ago

Aaron Hunter

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NA Miata = ❤️

German Car fanboy

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Wolves Vape

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Guido Mirabel (Isuzu Squad)

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Petrolhead since 1995. JDM, Euro, American and Aussie. I love them all. San Lorenzo and FC Bayern München fan. PSN: GuidoM1995 on PS3 and PS4.


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Loves every sort of car, from modern Subarus to the Ford Model T. Ultimate dream cars are the '69 Dodge Charger, a perfect Peugeot 106 and a Ferrari 250 California Spyder replica.

Jordan Harrison

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14 and I Subaru

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