Josh Boustred

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I don't always down shift ,but when i do it's next to a Prius so they can hear me hurt the enviroment




29th April 2015

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18. Love all kinds of cars and hope to succeed in the future...Work hard, Innovate, Succeed, Rave, Race, and do it all over again...#Riseup #wealth #thegoldeneraofautomotiveindustry #business

Joel Artursson

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26 year old swedish father of one with an total obsession about cars. Especially tuning and building. Obsessed with fluid dynamics and making efficient power on low boost setups.


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George Gilby Dirt head Owner of a series ii Land Rover

Alex Kersten

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Phil Collins is a car guy

Henry Stephenson

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Wai Yan

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CT Mod- I graduated with my bachelors in Journalism. I used to make memes out the wazoo, but my focus has greatly shifted towards writing and the car industry. What drives you?

Raymond Joacquet

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Old english car lover, and good old mechanics passionate.

Baron Von Grumble

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My father was a relentlessly self-improving boulangerie owner from Belgium with low grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery.

the defender guy

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Loves defenders

'Murica Man

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Love all things American. I love my food fast and my cars faster. Compression ignition mechanic.


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Hi! I'm a 20 y/o petrolhead that loves to drive and fix with my cars! I currently own and completely love a Toyota Mr2 GTi from 1991! I also just recently started to post videos on youtube! :)

Colin Furze

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It's furze from youtube, cars I own are 1990 E30 325i sport 2015 F30 335 and the top of the tree is my 1988 mk2 Hilux.

Steve A

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I make license plates


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Petrolicious creates quality, original videos and articles for classic car enthusiasts.

Mr Regular

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Reviews of regular cars for mortals.


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My name is Rob Ferretti I am the creator of the Super Speeders DVD series.


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25. YouTuber. I have a passion for what I do in the filmmaking and car world. I currently reside in Richmond,Virginia.