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My car and I know that what counts in racing is not the cars we pass, the noise of our turbo, nor the smoke we make. We know that it is the fun that counts. We will have it.




9th January 2016

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Y u do dis

John Geo

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Typically Supercar Spotting - Subie Fanboy - Studying Mechanical Engineering

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Rally North America team number 404 Follow us using the tag #404TeamNotFound!

Michael Capen

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love pop ups! function>forum driver feedback and response is the best thing you could want in your car.

Olsen de Jesus

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Hi, CTzens! I am a 17-year-old Filipino boy who has been drawing cars since 2012.


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Anthony Holguin

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I have loved cars as long as I can remember. Proud to be a Petrolhead! My favorite cars include the Ferrari F40, Porsche Carrera GT, Ford GT (2005), LaF, Enzo, F50, and SLS. I drive a Ferrari F12.


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23, Engineer, Racing Driver(ish) Nissan Skyline R34 Mazda MX-5 mk1 Eunos Mazda MX-5 mk1 Eunos (BRSCC Mazda MX-5 Championship)

Kevin Joel

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Just a car enthusiast from Mirandela, Portugal.

Henrique Pinheiro

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Dave Parker

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Powertrain Engineer at Bentley. 2014 Octavia VRS TDi 1995 Widearch Eunos Roadster


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Joined this place a few years ago, Now go by @mazlens on insta

Christopher Smith

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After 20-plus years in the auto industry and 30-plus cars to my name, I've learned one thing: Great cars can be built overnight, but it's the age and mileage that truly make them special.


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Automotive designer / Automotive concept artist


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I sexually identify as an Apache attack helicopter....

Henrique Leal

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Im a petrolhead from Madeira Island (Portugal) and my journey started with my lovely Punto! its my first car and i have it for 4 years, and it has been very reliable!

Eris (MidShip)

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Rotary enthusiast. Loves hatchbacks. Small cars. Female.. or am I?

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