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My car and I know that what counts in racing is not the cars we pass, the noise of our turbo, nor the smoke we make. We know that it is the fun that counts. We will have it.




9th January 2016

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Mini Madness (Group B squad)(Furrysquad)

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Priorities: fun, acceleration, grip, top speed, fun


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Ammar Rafaqat

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A normal petrol head from Canada! Instagram:


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Teenager who would love to race rally. I love all types of cars and a few trucks. My first car and current daily driver is 1966 Ford Mustang. And i'm still keeping my eye out for a Datsun 280z.

Joao Hipolito

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I'm just a guy that has spended a big part of his life at the track (I work there) metalhead mechanic Love JDM, classics.... well any car goes without cars my life would be worthless

Behind The Wheel

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YouTube channel dedicated to help people decide on buying a car. Please subscribe. Thanks!

Brentton Frederick

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MX-5 (ND), Fiesta ST


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I work in IT , and im passionated about cars , space and science :D

Manuel w/Clutch

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I live in The Netherlands and LOVE cars My car is a '91 Mazda Miata Dream car: Aston Martin DB5 or Lamborghini Miura

Tim Schrøder

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Tomaž Pirš

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I drive a Motorbike


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Car Guy and soon to be Rider with a youtube channel. SUBSCRIBE! Currently owns a 1994 MX-5 that is not driven during winter. Join my Roadtrip! July 2016 #ARRT2016

Saku Hynynen

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My hobby is rallying and i love all kinds of cars


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Shane Sharma. Love all cars, but mostly JDM and Euro cars.

Anthony F

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i am 18. I love cars, specifically imports. Japanese and Italian are my favorite... formerly know as mr.s2000

Bartosz Sysak

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Random car guy from Poland


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Follower of all things cars. BMW Enthusiast - All about that fast F22 life. Want to get to know lots of awesome friendly CTzens and post quality content!

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