The Ferrari Guy

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Engineer and Enthusiast

Allan Holland

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I'm just 15 year old going on 16 year old who loves cars and their specs. Subaru, Mazda, and Koenigsegg are my favorite brands of this current generation.


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I'm a car guy from Italy who likes all kinds of cars, doesn't matter whether they're American, European or Japanese. I also like playing racing games like TDU1 or NFS: MW.


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Alexandru Bulzan

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rip ct

Chinwendu Imegwu(hellcat boi)(v8 m8) (#keep the rotarys)(black boi)(viper)#v10 life

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a car guy with a passion for cars I have to many cars I ❤❤❤❤❤dodge

Efrhaím Rodríguez

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A 16 year old guy who loves cars, pop-up headlights and racing games because he doesn't have a drivers license yet Dream car: Honda CRX Si I own a SN-95 New Edge Mustang


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05 Nissan Almera

qwerty32™ (F1 Squad) (bad phone gang)

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Oh hey there! I'm qwerty32™. I'm 14. I like cars and tech. I also have a crush towards Penny Fitzgerald, y'all ever heard of her? Discord: qwerty32#2288. Reddit: u/XzFHzX_32.


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sheet metal worker love classic mini and old Peugeot


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29 years old. fan of bmw e85/e86

Calli Faraway

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car culture photographer 📸🚘 instagram: callifaraway

straight sideways 123

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Jdm all the way

Brenda Kerrin

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Just a young enthusiast with bug dreans and a small budget!


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