Stubaru (Forester Daddy)

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Somehow I ended up with 3 Foresters. Not mad though!


Boise, ID


28th January 2016

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Me Stillme

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Car enthusiast, engineer, guitarist, and longboarder, in that order. Also a bit of a Toyota fanboy.


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Loving life 1 mile at a time

Nick NC

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I'm pretty new but I hope to learn more

Salvatore BATMO BIEL

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Senior Plagiarism officer at Both Hand Drive ROYAL NORDIC TROLL GROUP (RNTG) Takashumi Fleet Services 951.708.1074 Private lawyer for Nelly Furtado & Jahseh Onfroy PLAGIARISM EXPOSURE


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inactive .

DJ Kosty

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Sinjin Smythe

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Clutch kicker.Tea Drinker.Dog owner.Bud smoker. It's like RC says: "Touch clutch and be Up."

RWB Dude

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I obviously like Porsches a lot... I’m a 17 year old Service Tech at a Ford Dealership #RIPRyanDoes


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Hi, my name is David, i drive a Renault Megane 3 R.S. I'm from switzerland and i collect model cars,drawing cars and make memes.


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I'm a car guy from Italy who likes all kinds of cars, doesn't matter whether they're American, European or Japanese. I also like playing racing games like TDU1 or NFS: MW.


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First car by summer 2k19

Ethan Riley

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Time to drop a gear and disappear.

André 🇳🇴 (rånersquad) (subaru) (gf4) (tagmeinsubarustuff)

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Norwegian car guy with sadly no licence. works as full time shitposter


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Proud father of: 2007 2.5i, 2005 sti Former father of a salvaged 03 wrx, 2004 sti (parted out)


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I think I’m a Porsche and BMW Fan...

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