Gabriel Kemery

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likes cars and bikes




21st February 2018

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Forgeline Motorsports

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Forgeline manufactures the world's finest custom made-to-order lightweight forged aluminum street and racing performance wheels for the most discerning enthusiasts and the most demanding applications!


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SoCal bike life. No need for four wheels just give me two. IG: italian_stallion75

jeaboii FIN

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wow much fast

Spartan Night Glider

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Proud owner of my dream car, a 1967 Ford Mustang, 2006 Audi A4, and finally, a 2003 Honda CBR500RR. I'm a ford guy and Mustang fanatic, but variety helps. Also a Brony. Go Fast, Don’t Die.


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Photographer, likes McLarens a lot. Favourite car is the McLaren F1. Main camera: Nikon D5100 Secondary Cameras: iPhone 6s, Sony CX675 All photos are mine unless stated otherwise.


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Im nick im 25 im a jet engine mechanic in the US Navy and im married to my best friend i own a 98 mustang gt and i love cars


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Hi I am a 16 year old car lover. I love most cars but my favourite car is the AUDI RS6 Avant

Matthew Boxberger

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“I’m too drunk to taste this chicken.”-Colonel Sanders


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Changed my mind, love Porsche and the people here


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A teenager with big goals and even bigger dreams! If you follow me I’ll follow back. 🙂


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just your average jeep boi 1998 Jeep Zj -RIP S10


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Darko Iker

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If you want a drawing of a car, contact me on my Facebook page "Car Drawings by Iker Darko" or on my e-mail ""


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I just want to talk about cars 👌 I'll follow back 😁 I want to get 50 followers Follow my Instagram and Twitter

The Quirky Richard

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Aka "R i c h a r d" on Discord. Italian guy, lover of European youngtimers. Pretty much inactive here on CT.


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Long time car guy!


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I like all cars great and small, fast, old, slow. Any that go.

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