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19th July 2017

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Eduardo Arredondo

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Eduardo Damy

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AMG owner | Tifosi | love cars


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Owns a 1999 mint 4door civic. (not riced NO) clean dropped and a nice set of Spoon Sw388 :)

Buinhat Minh

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A 17 yo kid hoping his crappy sketch will get him some money. Goal is a '97 Toyota Aristo.


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White 2011 WRX,Subie girl

click ok to ok

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Mateusz Warzocha

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Car enthusiast who's enjoying drawing cars, playing racing games and playing guitar.

Stanced Acclaim

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Relic of a different time.

Johnny Abou Haidar

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Adam Fletcher

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Upload Car Pics Mostly JDM


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Colin Sterken

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15 year old carguy from a tiny little country

Bert. V OPC

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Daily OPC Driver 💪 Nurburgring ✔️🏁 Circuit Zolder ✔️🏁 Dream car would be a Audi RS3 sportback full option, or a BMW M4 GTS


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Dylan Mitchell

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Born with oil in my veins. Was taught to love and take car of cars. At 17 years old i bought my first car a 1988 Toyota Supra Turbo that is my project. I respect all builds and opinions.


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Hello from the Ruler or Random, me! DriftMaster I don’t own a car(I mean why would a 12 year old Brit own a car?!) I’m a bit too much of a Star Wars fan and I like movies. I also have no friends


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For the love of caRS

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