Tyler Strakal

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Modern and classic car guy I am also a YouTuber I do racing and action games TJ S GAMING Saving up for a 1985 RX-7


United States of America


24th May 2015

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wakanda site is this


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Y u do dis

The VW Beetle

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I like cars and I'm decent with photoshop... That's all there is to say I guess.


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My name is Stavros.I am 19 years old, I love cars+music and studding Administration of tourism enterprises! Also,my daily car is a Seat Ibiza 6L.


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The Nissan brand aspires to provide customers with innovative ideas for the joy of everyday driving.

Archie Obyrne

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GoAussieXR6 (FaithZ)

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Can't drive or afford a car...........yet "It's not a question of can or can't. There's some things in life you just do." -Claire "Lightning" Farron

The Quirky Richard

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Aka "R i c h a r d" on Discord. Italian guy, lover of European youngtimers. Pretty much inactive here on CT.


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Sir Wafel (WhyBeAre of CT) (Multipla Squad) (propane)

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15 years old car guy/gamer from Poland, likes almost every type of cars and taking pictures of them (in games too). Favourite car: Mazda Autozam AZ-1 Favourite racing game: BeamNG.drive

mister forza_that 8th gen civic guy

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i love car's the demon is my dream car and im and go nuts guys for Honda Civics ans 8th gen civic are my favourite one's


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I'm a brony, a baseball player, and a biologist is with a huge liking for muscle cars.

Michael Godin

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Eurotuner & JDM enthusiast, whether it races or drifts, I can appreciate something made well.. I am also a mechanic.


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cars of nc

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car enthusiast (obviously) car photographer, car spotter,

Can i has supercar (amphicar master race)

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I live in Mexico where JDM si super cheap and I am a lambo fanboy

dominic caterina

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