Rui Girão

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From Portugal, studding Computer Science, love cars, have a special place on my heart for Peugeot would love to have a 406 coupé...




28th August 2014

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I like cars. Endurance race cars. And aerodynamics. Like... obsessively. Also design cars on paper and more notably on CAD. I own a 2015 wrx, and a 2000 2.8 Z3. (poderra. If ya know... Ya know...)

José Pedro Santos

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Car performance lover...

Nuno Borges

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I love all cars, love to drive, cars are love, cars are life :D

João Silva

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Still have fun on corners with my 206 1.1 BMW E30 LOVER

Pedro Sousa

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Euro, JDM,... CARS <3

Joao Hipolito

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I'm just a guy that has spended a big part of his life at the track (I work there) metalhead mechanic Love JDM, classics.... well any car goes without cars my life would be worthless