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29th December 2015

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Nissan 420sx

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18 years old, racecar driver. Racecar is a Toyota Starlet, built for "Auto-Slalom". Carguy since I was a little 3 years old kid


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Head of Partnerships at CT #F1FanGirl #TeamLH & proud owner of a 2010 Fiat 500 Pop


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All the cars you see on my profile are owned by my father, but the PT is mine


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Scottish. Petrolhead. EDM Lover. Coffee Drinker. Full Time Panda.


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I'm just a dude that likes cars.

Blackbird Automotive

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Blackbird Heritage Motorworks. Blackbird Automotive Journal. Blackbird Driver's Club.

Fen Fon

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Some say I smell like sex and awesomeness, but those who truly know me know it's just tacos and burritos.

Daniel Porta

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Cars are love, cars are life

Mark May

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Rod, muscle, factory five and racecar builder. Porsche enthusiast. Weekend lapper. Mosport or nosport


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Automotive Photographer. I shoot cars with Canons

Mark Hamilton

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Message me if you want to give me a sti.

Hotrod Hangar

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The Hangar is owned by the Austrian Airbrush artist Knud Tiroch. He owns one of the biggest Mopar Car collection in Europe & he is building custom Hotrods and other cars with his friends and his son.


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hey guys im William, i write small articles and make youtube car videos and a amatuer photographer.


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Graphic designer. 19 years old and yes.. i'm a car guy :) Daily cars: 2016 Seat Leon Cupra 280 2003 Honda Civic Type-R ep3


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Car enthusiast... Love all kinds of cars, but especially like JDM ones. Ι also have a youtube chanel of my own, related to car stuff. Check it out if you want!

Milky Diamonds

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Just a Funny Guy who has a S14a Drift Car in Japan and no Driving License in the UK. Don't try 360 drift entires in the rain at Ebisu, Trust me


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The Nissan brand aspires to provide customers with innovative ideas for the joy of everyday driving.


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Supercar owner and enthusiast! 🏎️ YouTube: fa57yoh Instagram: fa57yoh Twitter: @fa57yoh

Jack Leslie

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Motorsport obsessed 🏎🚘 Media guy 📱💻⌨🖱

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