An Aussie

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Australia is my Home. Holden's are my life. If you don't like either then don't comment




23rd December 2015

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20 year old guy from Finland who owns a few different cars. Feel free to follow me, I try to post something as frequently as possible.

Peter (Hellcat squad)🔰

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I am a car guy from America. Classic muscle is my thing. I love all cars! Dodge fanboy. Favorite cars: -Dodge challenger -Subaru WRX STI '04 -Pagani Cinqune Roadster #moparornocar


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Car enthusiast since childhood, skilled on computers. What else?

Ben Whelan

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1999 4.0 ford falcon turbo inline 6 fg g6e running gear 12psi yet to dyno and strip will not be long aiming for over 800rwhp daily

don cheadle

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don cheadle


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big time car enthusiast..


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I own a 1999 VS series 3 S pack commodore ute I post pictures of my ute and my cute af doggo

Jack KIddle

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Zack Boyd

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hey guys ive been a car guy since i was a kid i collected hot wheels cars since around 4yrs old i love transportation 27yrs old birth day november 29 follow if interested.

Alex Broos

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I love Japanese cars m8

Luke Bartley

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1997 2.7L Turbo Diesel Nissan Terrano ii tdi


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Evan H.

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JDM/BMW Fan. I use S-Tuner too.

Steven Farquhar

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16 years old, autistic, likes Japanese and Euro over American, sort of likes stance, used to go by sestoelemento

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Hates EVs and LS JDM swaps BMW 635CSI Project BMW 740i E38 Anti Feminist and Trump Supporter

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