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Hi, I'm a 17 year old German car-fan. I like nearly every car. YouTube: Spot State BIG fan of Sport-Sedans, Jaguar, Ford, Lexus, the LR Defender and Holden


Munich, Germany


8th April 2017

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Sonny Kinnear

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Eric Schroeter

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I have a daily driver 2016 VW Golf GTI and a 92 Mazda Mx-5 Miata, and it is undergoing a few updates...


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This profile is dead. Follow me on Insta: @t3stdr1v3rsl1fe Test driver in automotive development. I drive expensive cars in circles. So I'm pretty much a race driver.

Dante Verna

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Iā€™m a 17 year old automotive artist and a fan of all odd cars and engines.


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I own a SL320 1998 R129 C220D 2017 W205 S320CdI 2002 W220 Bentley Anarge T milliner 2004


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Car photos

Matthew Boxberger

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ā€œIā€™m too drunk to taste this chicken.ā€-Colonel Sanders

saline / fwdrift - no longer active

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account no longer active - follow me on twitter instead (@/FWDrift)

James Watt

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24 year old from Peterhead Scotland, have a VW Golf r which i am working towards going stage 2 with it, i am an ex ford technician of 6 years, also have various other motors

VenomDuckling [the Stig's Swiss Cousin]

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Hi i am a 15 y/o weeb, nerd and avid gamer. I play Minecraft, Forza, Gran Turismo and... ...Roblox ;) Fav cars: McLaren P1+F1, Toyota 86, Skyline R33 and Audi quattro S1 E1 (Group B)

Ioan Johnson šŸ“󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳ó æ

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No longer active, left CT. Goodbye! šŸ‘‹


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Giovanni Did Blasi

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Kian Duesing (2 Nation Car Guy)(#schokohase)

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German Car Guy living\studying to become a professional Mechanic one day... My favourite addiction is associated with (old) Porsches, JDM and too many more to mention ! #schokohasengang

Jeep Wrangler 18'

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I love working on classic cars and trucks me and my dad fix and sell old pickups.


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German engineering for life


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Nelson Gel

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