Highlux (4runner Squad)(Land Cruiser Squad)

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I love toyota 4x4s (should be obvious). And 4 wheel driving in general.


Pizza Planet Restaurant


7th October 2016

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Guido Mirabel (Isuzu Squad)

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Petrolhead since 1995. JDM, Euro, American and Aussie. I love them all. San Lorenzo and FC Bayern München fan. PSN: GuidoM1995 on PS3 and PS4.


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i basicly love everything that moves and transports things! follow for daily posts regarding those things! i love gaming as well

The F12 of Maranello

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See me on Reddit.

Nick Schrader

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Interested in Forza Motorsport series, tuner cars, my VTEC Civic, Maserati, Gallardo & more! and any sorts of racing (Rally, NASCAR, Le Mans, F1, Etc.) I also do professional photography for cars! :3


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I live in Iceland. I'm in a disturbing relationship with a 88' Hilux instagram: krissi_kripp


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Hi I’m a 16 year old car freak from Belgium. I like Lotuses most. I play Assetto Corsa and Dirt 4 on my PS4. Please tag me in Lotus posts. Freedom is next to the brake.


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From Hunedoara, Romania, I own 3 cars. Nissan 240SX BMW 528i Renault 5

Doug DeMuro

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I'm a writer and creator of mediocre car videos.


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Motor Vehicle Maintenance student | The web link is my Discord server


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Jas on

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German Perfectionist

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Literally that stereotypical German Perfectionist. (Formerly known as The Stig's German Cousin).

dj wilims

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im just a kid whos gonna race in every racing sport that exist (with cars)


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Reding Jeff

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From Luxembourg Moved to Innsbruck, Austria Currently living in Santiago, Chile

Kalem Austin

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I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.


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hi:) i'm not giving up here yet

French Freys

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17 y/o car guy from Northeastern US and owner and owner of a 2005 Forester. If you were wondering, my username is a play on my real life last name and Canadian background 😊

M a c r o s s u

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Its me, Macthememe

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