Marko Strupi

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I bought a 1996 Megane


Usually under a Renault


12th May 2016

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My name is Sven :) Welcome to my profile I own 2 cars a 1996 Megane Coach 1.6 8v 90hp and Yugo Koral 45 Junior 0.9l 45hp love classic and muscle cars generaly love cars and videogames


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20 year old guy from Finland who owns a few different cars. Feel free to follow me, I try to post something as frequently as possible.

Tim Jeklar

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Pipi Ferry

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Škoda enthusiast. Also like communist cars, Land Rover (Defender) and Subaru. I currently own Škoda Octavia, dream car: Škoda 120.

Hikaru Liight 🌐

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Just a small Youtuber and big car enthusiast that wants to follow as many CTzens as possible. I also just wanna spread some good vibes :D Youtube: ItsLiiGHTz /Instagram: @car_tribe


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2006 Ford Five Hundred Limited AWD 3.0L V6 CVT 2004 F150 Supercrew short box FX4 5.4 V8


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