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New Hampshire, USA


9th May 2016

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Cam Kennedy

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Traded the Audi for an Xterra. Immediately wrecked it...

Brett Fisher

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I love IMSA and racing and Audi’s and any cars in general. I love rc vehicles my family and friends. Love racing games. Huge Audi fan!!


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I own a 2014 Audi quattro a4 premium plus.

Conrad Bria

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2009 Audi B8 1.8t


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Car Enthusiast from Georgia, Tbilisi. Owned Cars: 2001 Toyota Vitz 1.3 AT 2006 Audi A4 Quattro MT 2003 MB c32 AMG 2006 Mazda mx-5 Miata Roadster

Beast WRX

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I'm a simple man, i see a subaru, i hit like.

A dude in black

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young car passionate trying to convince the world BMW have indicators

Muscle car or no car

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Just a kid with a love for muscle cars

GoAussieXR6 (FaithZ)

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Can't drive or afford a car...........yet "It's not a question of can or can't. There's some things in life you just do." -Claire "Lightning" Farron