Dominik Maslyk (Euro & JDM Addict) (Autistic bo...

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I've left this site now. Do not expect any reviews or any activity from this account


Cromarty, Scotland


7th March 2016

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Diego Lopez

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The early 2000s era of tuners ROCKS!


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thog dont caare

Jarod Chand

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Nissan Silvia S14| Nissan Skyline R32 GTST

128kbps of methe

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im g ay

Alex R.

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Civic EP3 is love, Civic EP3 is life.

Tomislav Celiฤ‡

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GameDev from Croatia. Celer Games leader. EVs and Hybrids are my love. Making #CTthegame. Proud member of (Hatchback Mafia) and (CT Border Patrol).

Myrmeko (#CTSquad)

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I like cars, photography and video games. My favourite car is Eclipse 2G GSX. This was the best community i've been part of. Finally got a car.


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I like fast fords and other cars


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Happy owner of a 2004 Focus SVT, I may do a blog post here or there.


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I'm a Pagani fan! I enjoy car photography, so expect to see lots of my pictures up here! Supercars and exotics, JDM, and all of the other good stuff. Forza is pretty cool, too. Camera: Nikon D3400

๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ท Bryson Williams (Bryson2jz) [AOT] (THE REAL SPEEDY BLACK MAN)

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I Like/appreciate Cars from All Regions but prefer JDM, I Like Dark Rainy Days, Eurobeat is Life, Top favorite cars: Sileightys, Supra MK4, Rx7 FD, HR32, Evo 3, 7-9, 2004 Integra R DC5, NSX NA1

james may

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i love yiff

French Freys

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17 y/o car guy from Northeastern US and owner and owner of a 2005 Forester. If you were wondering, my username is a play on my real life last name and Canadian background ๐Ÿ˜Š


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Reddit is u/mr_frothyboi.t bad.subscribe to pewdiepie!

Nova98 (miata club)

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Someone who has no life and looks at to many cars

Harry Keeton

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PringleTingle (SuperCarGuy) (Four Armed Squad)

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Real name: Nataril Person


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1991 suzuki swift 4x4 1.6 1991 suzuki swift 4x4 1.6 1991 suzuki swift 4x4 1.6

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