Muaz Yusof

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an Alfista. love a car that is a blast to drive. nothing much, that's all.




17th January 2016

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Drift King.

Radu Gabriel

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lucas kosters

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Car lover, specially JDM and proud '07 Land Rover Defender owner


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Just another Porsche fanboy

Szymek Slusarczyk

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18 year old car nut who is trying to leave a mark here.


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Faster than Schnell.

Caro F. Doom (100% Muscle)

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how have they not shut down the entire website yet

Dat Incredible Chadkake

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Automotive major in college. Prefers American cars but also likes other cars like Hondas and Lamborghinis. Likes guns, lots of different kinds of music and outdoor activities.

irfan naqib

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passionate, love, desire, lust for italians especially ALFA ROMEO


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I'm 17 a Toyota Fanboy. I like cars, palm trees & longboards. 🌴

Gurminder Bains

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Aspiring to a Automotive Engineer amongst other things.

Nissan 420sx

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18 years old, racecar driver. Racecar is a Toyota Starlet, built for "Auto-Slalom". Carguy since I was a little 3 years old kid

Stubaru (Forester Daddy)

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Somehow I ended up with 3 Foresters. Not mad though!

Qian Li

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I have a rare disease called Type 2 MRitis, enough said...

Ian Wright

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Born in the UK, raised by wolves... moved to America.

Mr Regular

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Reviews of regular cars for mortals.

Amer Amirul

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I will usually go to car events like Time attack, autoshow something like that, and i will do car spotting in malaysia (because I'm Malaysian and 18 years old )


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14 year old that is really, REALLY into Alfa Romeos and Lancias (and every Italian car). My favorite motorsport is currently rally.


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Youtube: FourFromTheSix


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I have a Alfa Romeo 146 1.6 with a beautiful sounding boxer engine

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