Milky Diamonds


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Just a Funny Guy who has a S14a Drift Car in Japan and no Driving License in the UK. Don't try 360 drift entires in the rain at Ebisu, Trust me


London, Always in Japan Drifting.


8th May 2015

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👻: kevvedajsel

Peter Kelly

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International freelance motoring photojournalist. "I can't believe they're letting me do this".

Garage Sinister

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Sinister Edition Vehicles --- Japanese Vehicle Imports --- Custom Builds & Restorations --- #garagesinister --- Northamptonshire, England

Rei Kagetsuki

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Software and hardware [device] developer. Love technical driving (technical circuit, gymkhana, drift, street rally).

Pinku Style

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Pinku Style is a automotive performance shop, providing performance to automotive enthusiast in the Aomori prefecture of northern Japan.

Sam Rady

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Leading the U.S. Sales Strategy. Adventure Seeker + Auto Enthusiast + New Yorker.


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Resident CT Instagram supercar spotter.

Japan Car Culture

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Want to discover car culture in Japan? We can help!


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BMW E39 540i |Professional Detailer

Alan Hynes

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I drive a 400hp SR20 Powered AE86 in the Irish Amateur Drift Championship, and drive my 314hp S14 in the Ultimate Drift Championship. Check out my facebook page!

Pasi Mikkola

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I am a car enthusiast from Finland! I drive a singleturbo Toyota Supra and I take part in many other JDM projects with my friends. Incl. couple 1000whp Supras, Skylines, 200sxesand many other.

Jeremy Tchouf Merires

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Car Drift / Motorcycle Drift / Stunt Riding


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Just an Aussie Kid trying to live his Dream


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I enjoy car-spotting in Japan & Australia. As ordinary as it is, I post only original content.

Donut Media

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Doing fun things in cars


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Petrolhead living in JDM wonderland Currently driving a Subaru Legacy Spec. B (BP5)

James Carson

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An aspiring music producer for EDM but a car guy. Dream cars for my garage: 1. M3 E90 CRT 2. M3 E46 CSL 3. V12 Vantage 4. Singer 911 5. BRZ tS 6. Toyota 86 with BMW S65B40 swap 7. S2k +more.


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Why does school have to take all my time. Oh well I'm learning to write better. Prepare yourselves for summer. I shall return in all my glory.


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Your friendly neighbourhood Canadian. I like to write about... things...

Colan Medlin

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Living in Japan enjoying my ae86 and other jdm legends.

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