Migix (kouki <3)

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HappyGT-FourRiceBoi™🔰 (owner of a redline garage)(FWD ドリフト) (Celica fighter)(Evo>impreza)(lamborghini>ferrari)(long name squad)(Jap. forever)(lemon car)(celica addict)(having my own celica empire)(celica is waifu)(more celica stuff)

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Things i want: -celica -celica -celica -more celica's That says enough about me. Celica has more answers than miata, trust me. average skils driver🔰 Some sort of weeb


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cha cha real smooth

Траян Станимиров

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JDM is LOVE ...! JDM is LIFE ...! Adicted to R32❤🎌

🇵🇷 Bryson Williams (Bryson2jz) [AOT] (THE REAL SPEEDY BLACK MAN)

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I Like/appreciate Cars from All Regions but prefer JDM, I Like Dark Rainy Days, Eurobeat is Life, Top favorite cars: Sileightys, Supra MK4, Rx7 FD, HR32, Evo 3, 7-9, 2004 Integra R DC5, NSX NA1


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BenPaye(JDMSquad)(MX5Squad)(LFAsquad)(Subie Squad) (Rotary Fighter)

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Massive car lover Miata lover RX7 lover Favourite car: Lambo Murcielago


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I like being alone, because it's what I prefer. Currently writing a story "The Maroon Rocket" I have no waifus (Don't even tell me to post something, I'm not coming back here ever again)

Dorftio S14

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16 y/o euro,jdm car enthousiast🔰🔰

The Stig's Rainbow Six Cousin

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Yo, if you wanna hit me up on Xbox my gamertag is PeePeeFroge(I told my brother to name it whatever so I'm stuck with this until I have 10$ to spare)

Keisuke Takahashi (MD squad) (name changer xddddd)

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project d>red suns>impact blue>night kids>speedstars


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Such VTEC, much boost, very joy ridez, wow.

Arny Cunningham

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Hey CTzens Arny here and I'm a massive Muscle, jdm, and Mopar guy. I'm a sophomore in MOHS and I'm going to college for Classic Car Restoration and I love anything and everything old.

[user has logged out of existence]

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theres now content here leave.

Uneducated Professional

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16, Philadelphia PA (USA). Proud Merican, Pro 2A, certified lifeguard and automotive student. I love cars of all kinds (except for EVs, hybrids, soccer mom mobiles, and grandma cars).

Matt007 (Jag4life)

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I like Jaaaaaaaags

Rodney Gunduza

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I love cars

Shenan Pazvant

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I'm a car enthusiast who loves all kinds of cars, my dream car is a PS13 I own an E36 318is and a 323i soon to be drift car

Rafiki Blackstone

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