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Aspiring rally driver, racing enthusiast, and guy who enjoys crashing. I also am former CarThrottle moderator. Really enjoy beautiful women, television show Archer and paintball.


Ontario, Canada


2nd September 2014

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Just a young enthusiast with bug dreans and a small budget!


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cha cha real smooth

A dude in black

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young car passionate trying to convince the world BMW have indicators

Touge Driver

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Jolly driving enthusiast. Not too much of a fan boy, not too much of a brand loyalist. I just love cars and driving.

Ren II(Squad Fam)

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Founder of CT's Squad Fam. My favorite anime is Boku No Pico and my favorite game is Minecraft. Part time Communist ☭, Part time National Socialist卍. Top kek sh!tposter


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Aspiring Automotive Journalist/Youtuber/Writer. Also quite good at swimming.(14 Year Old British National Champion, Team GB Potential Squad)

The F12 of Maranello

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See me on Reddit.

Qian Li

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go to hell


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how have they not shut down the entire website yet

Stubaru (Forester Daddy)

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Somehow I ended up with 3 Foresters. Not mad though!


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I am an Indian Christian in the US. I love all sorts of cars but my favorite cars tend to be Japanese sports cars, V8 Fords, or classic Euro coupes. I also own an S2000, don't have the AE86 anymore

Deadpool (Cam's much sexier twin) (Official Demon Fangirl)

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Turbo->V8->Micro->Big Hoe->Phil not Phil-> Founder of the Fuel For Thought podcast Instagram: fuelforthoughtpodcast Needing Chimichangas and a Volvo


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I hate everything I have posted to this account.

GoAussieXR6 (FaithZ)

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Can't drive or afford a car...........yet "It's not a question of can or can't. There's some things in life you just do." -Claire "Lightning" Farron


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2011 Subaru WRX Hatchback. 💙 In the process of learning, may or may not ask seemingly ridiculous questions.

That Guy Who Drives a Skoda

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Petrolhead from West Sussex VW Technician Loves Mercedes and Skodas Part of World Series Production UK PSN: mischthequiche

Mahendra M

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Current engineering student. No car at the moment, as much as i wished i had one, student life can be tough. Dream car: Silvia S15 *I do not own any of the content posted unless otherwise stated.

Jake Coombes

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