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10th September 2014

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The white comet of Akagi

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brap brap brappppp bwahhhhh stunts tu NO LS NO LS swaps stustustustus


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Cars are my passion.

Muaz Yusof

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an Alfista. love a car that is a blast to drive. nothing much, that's all.

James Vallance

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Artur 'The Haferkeks' Kempf

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Russian Petrolhead living in Germany. Mostly occupied drawing cars and moddin'. Dreaming about becoming a car designer in the future. #modsquad 2000 MX5 / 2000 Daihatsu Cuore


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The AE86 of Mt. Akina (86 Squad)

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Come at me FD! #IOCT

Fad Hill

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Your resident fiction writer and maybe artist. A 510 (half)owner. She's (re)named Tori.

Denis Abdihodzic

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Young Bosnian Petrolhead livin‘ in Switzerland, just bought my very first car! My A1 whch i call „Avdo“. Absolutely adore Audis and Porsches. Also wrecked my bike :P

Cameron Vellios

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Subaru Enthusiast, Gamer, and Studying to become an Automotive Service Tech, hopefully at Subaru. THE WORLD IS FLAT!

Z. K.

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toyota mark ii >>> all other cars fan of au cars as well (valiants are number 1!) (i know your momma pretty well too haha goteem)


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Future car mechanic, car and truck lover, i don't know which one i like more. Life goal : to own Evo and drive truck with smile, joy and money in pocket.


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I love all kinds of cars, no discrimination at all:).

Jacob Laitar

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A poor college student dreaming of buying an Alfa.


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Retro car enthusiast and born that way. Member since 14th of January 2015, but used the site long before that.


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