jdm-supra-1600(md squad)(Supra squad leader)

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I've always loved cars my whole life since I was 3! I this year I started to take pics of nice cars like these! And I'm proud to be the leader of the Supra squad,and also I love semis Trucks!


26th August 2017

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https://pastebin.com/dl/rEe6fjKC That, alongside Flux's video is why I'm not active here anymore. I miss old times.

Andrew Warner

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LS swap anything you want I don’t care LS swap a rx7 it doesn’t matter rotary purist only hate the LS because it’s reliable unlike the rotary

Simon Wyatt (four arm squad)

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I love all good cars no matter what type it is. I really like underrated cars. I also love wagons. Also love exotics when they are driven properly. About to get a license...

Luca Dal Sasso

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-1991 R32 Nissan Skyline GTS-T Type M -2014 Turbo Subaru BRZ


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Love 2010 bmw m5 e60


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*insert interesting bio here


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I own a SL320 1998 R129 C220D 2017 W205 S320CdI 2002 W220 Bentley Anarge T milliner 2004


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Smashed glass

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The proud owner of a 1997 Civic Type R

Chewbacca_buddy (McLaren squad)(VW GTI Clubsport)(McLaren 600LT)(debatey boi)

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Currently in ghost mode. If the discord join link needs updating let me know https://discord.gg/7Ptvaby


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Loves every sort of car, from modern Subarus to the Ford Model T. Ultimate dream cars are the '69 Dodge Charger, a perfect Peugeot 106 and a Ferrari 250 California Spyder replica.

Ethan Rogers Racing

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British Racing Driver

Luke's garage

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I'm 19 years old dude who has always liked cars. I have a ton of projects. I live in southern Finland. I also do car spotting.

Lucas S

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