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Little kid that always says something incorrect and sucks at grammar. I like: Opels, Renaults, Mazdas, Hondas and Fords


Zagreb, Croatia


18th November 2014

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21, student, car enthusiast

Borna Nemec

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24 year old bloke from Zagreb with a passion for cars. -Ako ne možemo drugačije onda ćemo pošteno-


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It's about the spirit of the drive and the thrill of the adventure. Every misfortune is a great story yet to be told.

Connor Kimball

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I occasionally do things to my car and make videos when I remember to.


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30 years old, Zagreb, Croatia. I love all cars but Japanese cars have a special place in my heart, especially older ones(80's and 90's). Proud MR2 SW20 owner and a Freeride/Downhill mountainbiker


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Faster than Schnell.


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I love wagons.And sleepers.After the warranty expires on my megane i will probably put a better engine in it. My dream car is the Alpine A110.

Bruno Ban

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Nothing kicked in yo! I don't have a car yet

Leonardo Sebic

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Hi! My name is Leonardo im from Zagreb, Croatia. Im driving Ford Escort RS, and I'm the owner pf the page Croatian Tuned Cars


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I am a carmechanic. I like to modify my car to my own taste. And i like freestyle bmxing.

Peter Kroes

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You don't own a project-car, a project-car owns you!

Badro Zeghlache

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love BMW's , not a douchebag , the old classic stuff,and im Broke most of the time.

Michael M

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300zx + Stagea = 💕 first person to interact with ctzen Nobody (PewDiePie)

Zolike Dóša

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I'm a big oldtimer fan, mostly Škoda and Ford. I've got two Škodas (one 105S which is in perfect condition and one 105L which will be probably my project car, as it's body is in bad condition).

Martin Bernath

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Fiero Nation

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A regular car enthusiast who likes to clean cars and drive classic cars

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