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Little kid that always says something incorrect and sucks at grammar. I like: Opels, Renaults, Mazdas, Hondas and Fords


Zagreb, Croatia


18th November 2014

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Rotary Fanboy

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17 year-old from Croatia who likes Jdm, big Initial d fan as well.I would love to own a Mazda RX-7 FC one day.Sometimes I write blogposts.I'm also a Verstappen fan!

The Stig's Bosnian Cousin #Z4squad

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Just a highschooler who likes cars......A LOT. Rakovica is my city

CarThrottle User

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ColumnM is an online specialised motoring news platform that creates and curates the most unique content on classic cars, supercars, custom motorcycles, automotive photography and automotive gear.

ParPar Parmesan (Parmesano)

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Love cars ever since I was 3. A huge enthusiast for all types of classic cars groups, especially muscle. On the road now to become another E-car manufacturer hopefully! ~~Be Kind. Be Humble. :)


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Small youtuber

Gonçalo Teixeira

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Titus J

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Car nut from the beautiful city of Hamburg in Germany. A lover of Opels, BMWs and awesome and obscure racing machines. Current favorite car: Nissan SilEighty


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Learned to make car sounds before learning to speak

German Perfectionist

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Literally that stereotypical German Perfectionist. (Formerly known as The Stig's German Cousin).


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Born petrolhead, proffesional Chef and hobby Artist, specialized in Photoshop creating line artwork, vexels, virtual tuning and photo manipulation.

Rimac Automobili

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Technology company, hypercar manufacturer

Paper Garage by A. Pierzchała

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Andrew Pierzchala Artist, petrolhead, great car enthusiast DRAWINGS FOR ORDER ($) - email for details

Gari ( Failrace fan) (Hatchback mafia)

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-15yr Croatian still in school waiting to get a drivers lesence Dream car:Mclaren P1 Dream affordable car : Golf mk1 GTI/Audi 50 My mom's car:Polo 9N 1.9 SDI My dad's car:Fiat Marea 1.6 16V HLX sw

Víctor Alcaide

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My name is Víctor, I'm a Spanish car guy. I like pretty much all kind of cars, but French, Italian and German are my favourites. I enjoy making Lego engines too. Feel free to check out my profile! :D


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car lover from Poland. Dream car - Fiat 126p PSN: rogrados666 Steam ID: rogradziol Send your nickname along with invite!

X-Tomi Design

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Igor Putnik

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20 yr old Hoping to buy a Type X Nissan 200sx!


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Serbia is my city. YT: Yugoslav Young . Not as active as I used to be...

Pipi Ferry

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Škoda enthusiast. Also like communist cars, Land Rover (Defender) and Subaru. I currently own Škoda Octavia, dream car: Škoda 120.

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