Joe Germains

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Alfa enthusiast, Underage driver, what else is there to say?




24th July 2015

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Swansway Group

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With almost 50 years of experience in the automotive trade, Swansway Group hosts an ever-increasing roster of 14 car brands across 21 different dealerships and 11 places in the UK.

Ewan23 (The Scottish guy)

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JDM fan from Glasgow, Scotland. Favourite car Subaru Impreza wrx sti 2005. Feel free to follow me and I’ll follow back,“if in doubt flat out”Colin McRae. (name pronounced you-an for all you Americans)


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Nissan 420sx

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18 years old, racecar driver. Racecar is a Toyota Starlet, built for "Auto-Slalom". Carguy since I was a little 3 years old kid

Michael R. T. Jensen

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All around car guy, especially into V8 Mustangs. I like a little bit of everything though, and almost every vehicle has it's place. I follow back. Reigning from Cornwall, Ontario, Canada.


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Poderra Automotive

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We aren't dead surprisingly. Think it's time for some major changes in what we do. Also, we're a company that specializes in track cars.

Michael Fernie

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Scottish student car blogger, link is below!


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I hate everything I have posted to this account.

Mr Bimmer

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E30 owner


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World renowned roller of cars and racer of silly vehicles


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Resident CT Instagram supercar spotter.


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Gas Guzzling cars, powerful cars, late night street racing, burnouts, off-roading, Hummers, Fiat-Hating, making fun of ricers, and Greasy Burgers. That's what you'll find here. RIP Hummer & Pontiac.

Steven Farquhar

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16 years old, autistic, likes Japanese and Euro over American, sort of likes stance, used to go by sestoelemento

Mathew Hamilton

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regular car guy. nothing special here(don't look under the hood)

Will Chandler

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Focus ST owning boost lover. One of the Social Media guys here at CT.


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Hello, internet! I'm a motovlogger on YouTube.

Driven to Drive

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*loud v8 noises


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Cars are interesting machines

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