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18 year old petrolhead, photographer and videomaker from London. Head of VW & Supercars Communities.




24th July 2014

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theAQUAwolf (audibros)

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Hi I'm a Scottish 14 year old Audi enthusiast and car fanatic! CTzen since 10ā€¢08ā€¢16. Please tag me in Audi posts. (audibros). Have an amazing day! :D Dream car: Audi RS6

Jeremy Navarro

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stay krispy


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18. Love all kinds of cars and hope to succeed in the future...Work hard, Innovate, Succeed, Rave, Race, and do it all over again...#Riseup #wealth #thegoldeneraofautomotiveindustry #business

Whatamidoing (DATSWEDISHHORSEPOWER'S second account)

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The second account of my original one. Didn't allow me to change my password.

Nerdy moustache

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Nerdy McLaren Honda Fan.

jdm-supra-1600(md squad)(Supra squad leader)

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Iā€™m somewhat active


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Hello! I love the Ferrari F50 and I dream of owning one some day! McLaren and Ferrari fan.


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Changed my mind, love Porsche and the people here

Christopher Koumans

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- 2 words, Big Petrolhead! - 25, maintenance technician šŸ‘Œ - Amateur car photographer šŸ“· - Ask questions anytime šŸ˜€

Daniel Kim

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A car guy who's fate was to be born in South Korea. The WORST place for a petrolhead. Ever.

Mini Madness (Group B squad)(Furrysquad)

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Priorities: fun, acceleration, grip, top speed, fun

Car Planet

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Your World For Everything Automotive


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17yo guy from Croatia. No license. Love Japanese cars. Dream cars are 98 Toyota Supra and Pagani Huayra.

Michael R. T. Jensen

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All around car guy, especially into V8 Mustangs. I like a little bit of everything though, and almost every vehicle has it's place. I follow back. Reigning from Cornwall, Ontario, Canada.


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Anime, Cars I love them all! 14 Years going and you can call me Ali... "You know who I am and you still want to challenge me?" - Roy Mustang


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20 year old guy from Croatia. Enthusiastic for all car sorts. MK1 Focus owner...

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