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2nd August 2015

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A car enthusiast from India. I love all automobiles and love every modification culture. I also like writing and reading blogs about cars. YouTube - ZTaro Automotive.

Donnie McNurlin

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currently driving a 03 GMC Sierra until I have saved up enough to buy my gramps' 67 Shelby 427 Cobra kit car


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I love cars

Riley Whyman

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2.8 turbo diesel tf 18 psi topped


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I own multiple cars and trucks.


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Chevy guy born and raised, but I love everything from fords to Hondas. I'm not picky, and we're all here for our common love for cars. Not because we like Chevy or ford or dodge

Danger Doyle

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2002 Panasonic Celica Audio Complete Up Next: 2ZZ-GE C60 ECU More power baby

Joel Hunter

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Dream car: '68 Firebird 400. Current car: '81 Camaro, 350/4spd. Mopar, GM, and Ford are all good to me. Driveway mechanic.

Jamie Forrester

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I drive a 1982 GMC Sierra that has been in my family since 1984. I also own a 1987 Pontiac Fiero.

Jared Steinbach

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I know virtually every car ever made and I am a hopefully future Racecar Driver Ford, Mustang, and manual guy, but I generally like all makes and model's and builds.


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Dirt is for racing asphalt is for getting there. Racing on dirt is my life wether it be dirt track, BMX racing, desert racing, or just about anything off road I live for it!!!!!!


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18 years old. Appreciate and like JDM, Euro, and American cars/trucks.

Black Phillip

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Canadian. Baa Baa Baaaaaa


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carguy from finland. 💙 cars, bikes and cats 💙

Mathew Hamilton

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regular car guy. nothing special here(don't look under the hood)

Michael Hummel

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Crew member at Hook Inc. (Whitmoyer racing team) My first word was "vroom"

Robert Nguyen

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I take photos, I write motorsport blog. Traveler, adventurous. Boldly go where no one has gone before. Writers at Carmrades - the Blog

Schnee's Titan

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Luke James

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Just an 18 year old who loves cars.

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