Christer Stormark

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I work as a designer I do virtual tuning, I drive a Audi A4 Quattro S Line, and my fav car is the Toyota Supra I stream virtual tuning live on twitch,




7th January 2016

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Scott Groome

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Hi I'm Scotty, I'm 16 years old with a BMW 323ci. I love 3d modelling and rendering and hope to pursue it as a career one day.

Tyler Schick

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"Koenigseggisseggggnignigsegigisegggg CCX with Top Gear wing"

Facu Agus

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I am a young student (I can´t drive now), but since I was born, the cars have been part of my life. Design and drawing cars (as a hobby). My dream is to be professional driver and car designer.


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17 IFL Porsches IFL Subarus I post dumb comments and stuff


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Civic EM1 and Alfa Sud owner... i like all type of cars... i swear I'm not a ricer 🔰


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