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Bottrop, Germany


29th November 2014

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6-6 Ginger

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Just some tall guy that likes cars.


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MetalWorks Classic Auto Restoration

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MetalWorks is a high end classic car restoration shop that specializes in "pro-touring" builds and LS conversions. We have a full walk-in Speed Shop as well as an acid dipping facility.


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i am not old enough to drive yet but i love all cars, new old very old jdm muscle etc my favourites are mx5 and r34


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Bad News Bear

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I take care of the fanboys you run into all the time (JDM, Euro, and USDM alike). Bring people back from the fantasy land they like to live in and remind them how things work in reality.


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- Aspiring Motor Trend auto journalist. -Writes and edits professional articles on all automobile related topics. -Employed at Vantage Motors Inc. Stamford, Connecticut

Jerod Myers

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I drive a Honda

Michael Boyer

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2005 Saab 9-2x

Eris (MidShip)

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Rotary enthusiast. Loves hatchbacks. Small cars. Female.. or am I?


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I dunno lol

Darth Imperius/Anthony🇭🇷

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Young, Marxist Croatian car, bike and tank guy. Dieselhead. Sith Lord and a Marshal of the Red Army in free time. Alpine freak I guess.


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A Finnish gearhead. Dream car is a Midnight purple Nissan GTR R33, i just cant resist the beautiful sight of an R33 :3 also i compose my own music, check the link to my soundcloud page

Frédérick Brosseau Métayer

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I've always been a JDM fanboy but this time I'll try a mustang 'MERICA I still prefer my old GC8!

Daniel Arreola

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Team Twisted

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Rally, Drift, Drags and street races


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Life is to short. Life on the redline!

Rafael Putz

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German guy, German Cars

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