Pipi Ferry

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Škoda enthusiast. Also like communist cars, Land Rover (Defender) and Subaru. I currently own Škoda Octavia, dream car: Škoda 120.




13th May 2015

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I'm still active-ish. You can still say hi and I'll get back eventually. TAKE 'ER EASY THERE BUD.


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Create, Share, Afterglow . My discord server: https://discord.gg/VQ3p9GH

trabant 601

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Today was a fun day.

Dat Incredible Chadkake

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Automotive major in college. Prefers American cars but also likes other cars like Hondas and Lamborghinis. Likes guns, lots of different kinds of music and outdoor activities.

Willys VJ

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I'm into a pretty wide range of hobbies. One of which is cars. I'm mostly into old hot rods and old motorcycles. However that doesn't stop me from enjoying some JDM stuff and sport bikes.

Ethan Riley

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Time to drop a gear and disappear.

Luke's garage

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I'm 20 years old dude who has always liked cars. I have a ton of projects. I live in southern Finland. I also do car spotting.

Žiga Dežman

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Cars With Craig

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Just a regular dude who likes toying around with cars. I help my stephdad with a bunch of oldtimers (Celica TA23, Triumph TR6, Lotus Elise, MG B, ...) and he helps me with my corollas.


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Rice and old cars


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I got a 'slight' interest in classic cars. So buckle up for some Original Content :) Every picture is taken by me Oh and I'm 19 :P

My Name is Joel

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My name is Joel, I drive a Lexus LS430, and enjoy long walks on the beach. I recently graduated from college with a business major and was able to finally buy my first fun car.

Josip Mikac

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subaru enthusiast


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A petrol head that drives a 2004 Mercedes SL55 AMG and enjoys it. Amateur Photographer


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We don't drive cars. Cars drive us!!! Upshift your knowledge about cars with our newly founded multi-platformed online automotive publishing company!

Kyle Ferlita

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I'm an Automotive Journalist, with a Buick full of dreams. I write about cars I'll never own. I have an unhealthy obsession with land-yachts.

Anton Gorrell

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Hi. you don't know me. Well... Maybe you might. Xbox: EhFakeCanadian, Instagram: snowysergal

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