Pipi Ferry

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Škoda enthusiast. Also like communist cars, Land Rover (Defender) and Subaru. I currently own Škoda Octavia, dream car: Škoda 120.




13th May 2015

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Pop up headlight boi

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Proud owner of a 3rd gen Accord

Jan Tršan

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I love all cars and everything related to them.

Andrew Mackay

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I love porsche. I also love e46 m3s

Remco Engels

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love classic Porsches


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My daily driver is old, ugly, dirty, noisy, slow car but I love that V8 sound! I live in Slovakia - the country of miracles :-) Please excuse my grammar.

Peter Lukáč

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Young car enthusiast from Slovakia. Fan of Porsche, french cars, with a weakness for classic BMWs and american musclle cars. Manual + petrol = ideal car Caution: high level of petrol in blood!

Maroš Poláš

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Škoda Felicia 1.3MPi & Škoda 125L

James Clark

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a proper petrol head. not a Playstation Gran turismo petrol head. I was born and bred to be a petrol head.

Damir Muslimovic

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Doing my best on editing car meet ups and cars in general.


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Son of owner of Triumph TR6. Wanted cars: E39 BMW 525i E39 BMW 540i Touring Silver TVR T350C Matte Black Maserati Granturismo MC Stradale. Red Lotus Evora S Silver Skoda Octavia RS 230 My Entire Life

Mr PoopyButthole

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Obsessed with Porsches. Doin' mad sidz with my MX-5. Track ride my 2000 R6. Hoowee

Rage Skoda

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21, London/Essex/Cambridge. Fan of Turbo Wagons and VAG cars. Only ever owned Skodas...


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Hi there, I am an Italian boy and I really love cars, in particular the Japanese ones. I own a Skoda Fabia 1,4 TDI but my dream car is a Nissan GT-R R35


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Follower of all things cars. BMW Enthusiast - All about that fast F22 life. Want to get to know lots of awesome friendly CTzens and post quality content!


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Zolike Dóša

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I'm a big oldtimer fan, mostly Škoda and Ford. I've got two Škodas (one 105S which is in perfect condition and one 105L which will be probably my project car, as it's body is in bad condition).

Achu Ujwal

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#Live to ride/#psylover/modified cars/#psychedelic/#psycho rider

Obada Qadah

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Nejc Marolt

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