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28th October 2017

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Welcome to Auto Addiction! Our goal is to bring the best Car related videos, in the highest possible quality, to your home! On this channel you can find some of the best Drifting, Action & Crash vide


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markymark666 RaceRender Videos

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Editor of RaceRender videos with data overlay. Published on

Powahful GamePlayer (Project SPEED x Z3R0_3DGE)

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Just a biography. What else?


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Founder of Antilag Alliance Drifter, Track-Day Hero, Engineer, and Personality Extraordinaire 2001.5 Audi B5 S4 1984 Volvo 760 Turbo Intercooled 2014 Honda Fb6 Civic Si 2003 BMW E46 330ix

Alex Kersten

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Phil Collins is a car guy


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We've been operating our Dream Car competition for 18 years. Now running a competition once a week -- with a guaranteed winner. You can win your dream car for as little 85p!

Mahendra M

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Current engineering student. No car at the moment, as much as i wished i had one, student life can be tough. Dream car: Silvia S15 *I do not own any of the content posted unless otherwise stated.

Boosted Boris

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A Russian carmrade living at the Nürburgring and traveling around checking out car cultures.


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I do not own a Car yet, But i LOVE CARS All Carcultures are welcome. We are all ONE FAMILY ❤

Fast Car

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The official Fast Car CT profile. Defining car culture since 1987.


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Carbuyer provides car reviews, comparisons, car buying guides and more - helping you decide which car to buy.


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Northern lover of all things petrol and diesel powered. M135i and MX5 NA driver.

Engineering Explained

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I like cars. I don't weigh much.


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Hi, my name is David, i drive a Renault Megane 3 R.S. I'm from switzerland and i collect model cars,drawing cars and make memes.

BenPaye(JDMSquad)(MX5Squad)(LFAsquad)(Subie Squad) (Rotary Fighter)

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Massive car lover Miata lover RX7 lover Favourite car: Lambo Murcielago


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The Official Speedhunters Car Throttle Feed. Global Car Culture.

Wheels Magazine

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wheels is a weekly car magazine published by Al Nisr Media. Distributed in and around the UAE, wheels boasts the highest circulation of any motoring magazine in the UAE.


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Motortorque is the destination for all of the best funny, viral and simply awesome vehicle-related content from around the world.


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French petrolhead crew. We love red fast cars and we make them brap. Wa also do videos, follow us:

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