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I drive a 1974 Chrysler Newport and a 1920 Willys rat rod. I film youtube videos about classic cars, abandoned cars and street burnouts. I stopped using Car Throttle in late 2020. :/


Vantaa, Finland


4th April 2014

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Jere Hirvonen

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Plymouth Fury3 1965 Volkswagen Caddy 1987 BMW E34 535i 1990


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Roope Henttula

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15 year old from Finland who loves Chargers and owns a 1994 Ford Escort CL AMC Club Of Finland Young Member✌

Oskari Kerttula

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Volvo owner and a car enthusiast. Can be spotted hanging around all types of cruisings/meets.

Tommy Soininen

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Young greaser from Finland who likes to get his hands dirty and has a passion for classic cars.


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20 year old guy from Finland who owns a few different cars. Feel free to follow me, I try to post something as frequently as possible.


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I'm a car spotter. Abandoned cars and other junk is my thing. That's all folks!

Luke's garage

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I'm 20 years old dude who has always liked cars. I have a ton of projects. I live in southern Finland. I also do car spotting.

FBK 🇫🇮

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P5 Ford

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Ford 17M P5

Tomi K

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Car guy from Finland. I like almost all old vehicles but I'm mostly into cars and mopeds.

Ben Cary

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Well, I buy cheap cars, fix them, and dog the crap out of them, what more is there to say?