The F12 of Maranello

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Jawad Shalgheen

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. I don't own a car yet. my dream car is simply all of them

Paul Beckman (slowtsx)

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18 yrs old. Japanese car enthusiast, hatchback lover, and love everything Initial D, drifting, and off-roading. Big thanks to GTRTurtle to making my banner. MIGHT BE DELETING THIS SOON


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Kyle Ferlita

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I'm an Automotive Journalist, with a Buick full of dreams. I write about cars I'll never own. I have an unhealthy obsession with land-yachts.

Matthew (White-Tail) Romack

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Mazda Miata enthusiast, Mazda fanatic, furry trash, and overall car enthusiast.


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Welcome to Jacob The Hedgehog! Find us on Instagram: @jacob_the_hedgehog ! See you soon... Banner was made for mobile so might look dodgy on other platforms!

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Photographer, likes McLarens a lot. Favourite car is the McLaren F1. Main camera: Nikon D5100 Secondary Cameras: iPhone 6s, Sony CX675 All photos are mine unless stated otherwise.

Drew Holt

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19 year old Classic car lover and owner of a 1968 Mustang

Spartan Night Glider

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Proud owner of my dream car, a 1967 Ford Mustang, 2006 Audi A4, and finally, a 2003 Honda CBR500RR. I'm a ford guy and Mustang fanatic, but variety helps. Also a Brony. Go Fast, Don’t Die.

Kelvin Ang

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Toyota Vios GT Street


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I'm a 18 year old Romanian. I love cars since I was 3 years old. I like to listen to hard rock/metal. I want to be a game developer. I'm currently working on a mobile tōge game.


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im out


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When you know the exact year brand and spec of the cars and race car parts you want but need to work on the whole money thing...


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• CarThrottle's unofficial F1 Insider • Your resident McLaren and Carlos Sainz fanboy• 18 y/o ex-Mechanical Engineer • • yeet •


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Be gone Pesky Supra fanboys

Aro Antonyan

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Vibecheck (Calem)

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give me your vibe

Will Hughes

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Just a canadian dude who loves cars. Proud owner of a 2007 Magnum.

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