Davids Kruze

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I'm a full blown rotor-head. Will shoot for food


Sennestadt, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany


11th December 2014

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Luka Radović

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A broken rotary engine

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\(^_^)/ <----- My face seeing a nice car and hearing it rev

Joel Hunter

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Dream car: '68 Firebird 400. Current car: '81 Camaro, 350/4spd. Mopar, GM, and Ford are all good to me. Driveway mechanic.


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Mostly cringey posts.


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Christopher Koumans

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- 2 words, Big Petrolhead! - 25, maintenance technician 👌 - Amateur car photographer 📷 - Ask questions anytime 😀

Eilon Zemach

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I collect a few fast things.


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Dalton Reck

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My dad primed me to be a petrolhead like him before I was even born... And I've been one since then. I'm a bit more of a European and Japanese fanboy, but I appreciate all kinds of cars!

John Geo

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Typically Supercar Spotting - Subie Fanboy - Studying Mechanical Engineering

Konsta Laitinen

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I own a fiesta st mk6 and hopefully one day I have a hawkeye subie

Leon Schult

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Petrolhead and Photographer. Second home is the Nürburging

Dan Dominé

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Petrolhead for all cars ! I'm striving to learn more everyday !

Mercury Axel

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I'm in love with BMW's,there is really not anything more to say because for me the rest are just 'cars'.


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Rotory is life. Porsche and JDM fanboy. Long live the RX7 and all other cars except the Prius

Canadian Stig

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Im a all around car guy! I currently own 2 vehicles the first is a 2003 chev trailblazer and the second is my project 1951 Chevy Fleetliner Deluxe with a truck box conversion. I like all types of cars


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15yr HS student. I take pictures of ricers and non ricers on my Samsung S7.


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17 IFL Porsches IFL Subarus I post dumb comments and stuff

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