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Nissan Enthusiast


31st July 2015

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Me Stillme

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Kathy Rodrigue

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Bence Matuz

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Passionate petrolhead with universal love for cars, and a preference of Euro, especially German. Mercedes CL600 owner. Keen driver and car spotter. Follow for original content! :)


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Ricardo Branco

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Classic car lover, usually found taking pictures at car events and dreaming of a BMW 2002


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I'm still active-ish. You can still say hi and I'll get back eventually. TAKE 'ER EASY THERE BUD.


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I’m only 16 but I’ve always loved old cars. I have a 1971 Riviera, a 1967 International Scout, a 1980 Yamaha MX80, and I build and sell go karts and mini bikes.

jdm-supra-1600(md squad)(Supra squad leader)

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I’m somewhat active


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This profile is dead. Follow me on Insta: @t3stdr1v3rsl1fe Test driver in automotive development. I drive expensive cars in circles. So I'm pretty much a race driver.

Laurynas Gegužis

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Still young, still don't have enough knowledge to call myself mechanic. Studying automotive electronic engineering . Love BMW. Have problems with english grammar.


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“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it... Upgrade it!” ROTIFORM USA|Tasteful Aesthetics 2k18|Neckbreakers United

spoon civic type R

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JDM and EDM enthusiast. Law Enforcement Vehicle fan


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I hate homies


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Marcel "DerVossybaer"

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I am a 20 year old petrolhead from Germany and drive a 2001 Citroen Saxo 1.4 Furio/VTS. Against Carcism. Other interests: RC Cars, drawing, gaming, MLP, Initial D,..

SixSpeed (Furry Squad)

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I’m SixSpeed! Trying to be more active. Some furry who likes cars. Subaru fan, Paramore fan, oscillating fan. I enjoy the sound of twin turbos and boxers combined.


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I own a 2003 BMW 325i. Modifications: - Halos - Muffler and Resonator Delete - 18" Alzor 030 Rims ( Square Set ) - Falcon Racing Tires - 35% Tint - Aftermarket Radio YouTube channel : Fare Jare


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I'm a dude that likes all cars mainly Japanese cars that are manual and I own a 350z that I'm planning on doing a automatic to manual conversation

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