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BHR Media (Anomalous Crew)

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Hello all. I currently do not own a car, although I do have my license.


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Little kid that always says something incorrect and sucks at grammar. I like: Opels, Renaults, Mazdas, Hondas and Fords

Rico Yupita

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love JDM, supercars, hypercars, stance, and love making car fan art


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Hi, I'm a young car guy from Germany, I nearly like everything about cars, especially classic cars.


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i dont have a car ;(

Luka Bohucki

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just a car guy who plays nfs,forza.i love bikes and automotive photography


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I have a dream, that one day, horsepower and fuel economy will be synonymous.


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I do Photoshop s**t, and I like every s**t that has something to do with cars. Also check out my YouTube channel lol.


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Cars are what I like most, so throw any car at me!


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Most Wanted

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I am just a dude with a slow racing video games Youtube channel. Oh, by the way, I love cars and Need for Speed.

Vincent V

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The Lonely Chicken // Drift Legacy // The Stick

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I might be too young to drive the roads but that doesn't mean I can't love the cars! My dream beast is a turbocharged Nissan 180sx with either a rocket bunny kit or just the Type X kit.


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Hoon Boy

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If it has to do with cars I'm interested. I'm a proud owner 1974 Bug!


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My name is Rodi I'm 14-15 years old I love JDM cars my dream car is the Evo VIII/8 MR FQ300/320/400 planning on getting it when I get older!


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Car enthusiast, waiting for his first car. Drive a red and black stripes Mini R55 Clubman.

formula meme (s-chassis squad)(irl squad)

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probably the second youngest person on CT. I like S14s if you didn't notice. member of the s chassis squad

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