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I'm a random car enthusiast who enjoys getting his hands greasy and digitally reproducing any automotive related thing.


Sardinia - Italy


26th June 2015

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I am a student. Got no car, but it is my passion, and watching other people's creation amazes me! 🚗


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Just a young enthusiast with bug dreans and a small budget!

Brent Catan

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Monte SS | Camaro Z28 | S10 Blazer


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Changed my mind, love Porsche and the people here


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19 years old, motor mechanics student. owns a k10 micra.


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15 and im an r33 nut 😀(me in a nutshell) the dream is an r33


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16 years old Romanian guy, JDM and Euro Fanboy, doesn't have a license, wants to drive a Fabia Combi (aka "The Charm"), dream car: R34, realistic dream car: Sileighty or Octavia VRS 1.8T

James Smith

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Mk3.5 Focus ST. Love cars new and old. Photographer.

Cobra RS

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Ducktail 2.7

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Just a guy who likes cars.

Austin Mini 1000

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Hello! My name is Marijn, a 21 year old Automotive Engineering student with a huge passion for cars, but mainly classic Mini’s and communist cars.

Francis obrien

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I ❤️ Stancey, useless and ruined cars ⚔️StaticScrapper ⚔️MostHatedBoyz ⚔️voidiaf

Sam Gathers (Mid Night Club ABflug, Shakotan Boogie)

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I liek kerrz n stuff lol

Harold Potato

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Official photographer of Grip Life car club. I'm pretty good at it I guess.


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I'm just a Norwegian bloke who happens to love cars. I also got a sweet af BMW E46 Compact. So yeah... That's me... *slowly steps away* Awkward...

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