My Name is Joel

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My name is Joel, I drive a Lexus LS430, and enjoy long walks on the beach. I recently graduated from college with a business major and was able to finally buy my first fun car.


Wisconsin USA


8th July 2016

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Derek Sternhagen

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I've resisted all urges to modify my car, and it's very slow.


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I'm just a teenage "car guy", who loves muscle cars especially.

Michael Masin

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Australian car enthusiast, Falcon tragic, interested in rare and unusual cars. Amateur blogger covering Australian cars and motorsport


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I drive a 1974 Chrysler Newport and a 1920 Willys rat rod. I film youtube videos about classic cars, abandoned cars and street burnouts. I stopped using Car Throttle in late 2020. :/

Luis Morandi

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I'm an 18 year old petrolhead from Switzerland, who loves to discuss automotive-related themes.

Kyle Ashdown

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Formerly known as gary busey, I'm a big fan of cars, trucks, and anything with a steering wheel!

Cody's Car Conundrum

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Formerly DodgeViperACR16. I love pretty much all classes from muscle to imports. Writes Articles. Have been on CT for 3 years now. "If all you have is power and no control, you have no power." -Me


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Aspiring Automotive Journalist/Youtuber/Writer. Also quite good at swimming.(14 Year Old British National Champion, Team GB Potential Squad)

Alex Kersten

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Phil Collins is a car guy


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I love automobiles. Particularly German, but I love mx5 and wrxs. I have a mixture of interests but I am obsessed with classics and mustangs.

Nissan 420sx

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18 years old, racecar driver. Racecar is a Toyota Starlet, built for "Auto-Slalom". Carguy since I was a little 3 years old kid

Matt Kimberley

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Once bought 30 packs of chocolate fingers in one transaction.

Boost and Ethanol

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I'm gone.

Stubaru (Forester Daddy)

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Somehow I ended up with 3 Foresters. Not mad though!

that yukon guy ( Courier6ofnv )

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Cylinder deficiency is a serious disease where ones car has fewer than 8 cylinders. Get vaccinated, get a v8. This message brought to you by the no replacement for displacement fund.

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