Sania Baker

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California city


22nd April 2016

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Michael Fernie

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Scottish student car blogger, link is below!


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Barry Williams

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First fell in love with cars when I was 4 and my parents took me to Ford Fest Been hooked on anything with 4 wheels ever since. Appreciates cars of all types, but madly in love with classic cars

Hairul Azmi

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I am an auto mechanic and love motor sports.

Joe Bateson

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Hi! I'm Joe and I am a true petrolhead born and bred. I have a thing for minis, preferably classic ones. Mine is a 1989 mini thirty and is a work in progress at the moment, so watch this space...


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I dont got no car ;c

Kevin Brown

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classic volks guy

Rhys Evans

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Still on first car, 2000 Fiesta Mk5 1.3 no longer on the first car, now got a 1.2 Seat Ibiza and loving it

John Chenoweth

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I have a 2006 Subaru 2.5RS

Telmo Castro

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Jake Middleton

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I collect a few fast things.

Justin Colvin

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not old enough to own a car yet, but have fun with rc cars/ planes, and slot cars.

Eduardo Cuadra

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Cuban blood raised in Miami, in love with gaming, cars, and general craziness

Juozas Raklevicius

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I love japanese icons, tasteful euros and swedish sleepers.


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hey guys im William, i write small articles and make youtube car videos and a amatuer photographer.

Raymond Joacquet

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Old english car lover, and good old mechanics passionate.

Tyler Sullivan

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Just a 16 year old looking to become a car junky, tho im about as close as you get without having a car


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20 years old boy, from France NISSAN Just Don't stop driving...

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