ALFAguy (†|ξ) Oo=v= oO 🍀

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Petrolhead, rally fan. Favorite cars (1) Lancia 037 (2) Alfa Romeo Montreal (3) Alfa Romeo SZ Favorite motorcycles (1) Mv Agusta F4 (2) Bimota Vdue (3) Ducati 888




20th January 2016

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Daniel Hall

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Wannabecarguys (Former Donald Trump)

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Welcome to a new beginning! - What do we do? Everything you're not supposed to...


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17 year old Automotive Photographer from the UK, goes to as many car events possible and goes London Car Spotting Runs the Instagram Account @thomasstonerproductions

Steven Farquhar

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16 years old, autistic, likes Japanese and Euro over American, sort of likes stance, used to go by sestoelemento


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inactive .


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"Explore the World of Cars..." Subscribe to our R.I.D. exclusive members group FREE (5000 members and counting)

Automobilchannel Nordschleife

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The best motorsports videos from the Nürburgring

simply sausages

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"Speak softly and carry a big stick;you will go far". -A badass teddy bear

hummerinator (Suzuki samurai, lada niva & iveco daily lover) JIMNY MK4 MADLY OBSESSED

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im a simple delivery boy, i like offroading and rallying, and i try to do my best everyday, my cars are : suzuki samurai 1.9TD & skoda fabia 1.6TDI montacarlo

DragonChicken Racing Team

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Finnish Touring Car Team racing in the nordic countries! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube for regular updates!

Joren V(mechanic) (delta squad)

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I'm an italian car enthousiast. I have e few 'newer' fiats but my pride and joy is my lancia delta integrale 16V. Im a mechanic in a FCA garage that specialises in italian oldtimers.

Matt heath

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car lover from the North West of the UK


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Stop watching videos from salesman, and watch the real experience. Enjoy real people and real stories. Check out our YouTube Channel.


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The Official Car Throttle profile for Abarth UK

By TobyJDM🔰

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Wherever I go wherever I get banned from. I'm also known as Ban Solo


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Pedro Esteves Afonso

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-18 years old -Automotive Photographer / Wannabe RacingDriver -Portuguese Petrolhead 🇵🇹 Follow me IG: @pedroestevesft

Nick Schrader

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Interested in Forza Motorsport series, tuner cars, my VTEC Civic, Maserati, Gallardo & more! and any sorts of racing (Rally, NASCAR, Le Mans, F1, Etc.) I also do professional photography for cars! :3

Evomills (Outrun)

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16/Italian car fan/Rally fan/Dream Job: WRC Driver/Dream Car: Lancia Stratos/Gamertag: uK Digital Stig/I own a Classic Mini

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