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24th September 2016

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Desimatronic (Banner Factory)

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Anyone misusing and destroying cars will be executed.

don cheadle

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don cheadle


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I hate everything I have posted to this account.


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Love Ferrari, what can I say... BRAP vroom!

No stop plz

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Just a random car guy on a gearhead website who enjoys the thought of a new Supra and the import of R34's to America. Dreams can be dreams.


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Marcus Morton

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14 Year Old That Loves Rocket Bunny FRS. I enjoy making videos on my youtube channel and have an interest in photography

cocochubu t

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Guido Mirabel (Isuzu Squad)

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Petrolhead since 1995. JDM, Euro, American and Aussie. I love them all. San Lorenzo and FC Bayern Mรผnchen fan. PSN: GuidoM1995 on PS3 and PS4.

I'd rather be on my Grom

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Might post but wonโ€™t look at peoples posts

spoon civic type R

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JDM and EDM enthusiast. Law Enforcement Vehicle fan

Ivan Jovanoski (jetta mk2 squad)

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13 year old ae86 and Volvo fanboy

Hai .

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just a pickle liking cars

MariosP02 (BlogSquad)(Gopnik Squad)

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Just a car loving teenager who just dreads each and every second of not owning car... Loves: JDM, Muscle, Euro, Utes, Trucks... Basically everything with an engine and wheels


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I am an Indian Christian in the US. I love all sorts of cars but my favorite cars tend to be Japanese sports cars, V8 Fords, or classic Euro coupes. I also own an S2000, don't have the AE86 anymore

Stanced Acclaim

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Relic of a different time.

TheCarGuy (Yugo Man)

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CarThrottle's biggest Yugo enthusiast. Also a hardcore retro and classic enthusiast and the guy you can tag in any old VW post. New account of an old CTzen.

Lovely Puppeteer

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